2013 Fall Conference
September 27, 2013

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The purpose of the By-Laws is to guide the Executive Board of the WSTCSS, as well as the officers of the 3 Regions, in the governance, operations, and business of the organization. On February 27, 2008, by a vote of the Executive Board, the establishment of By-Laws was authorized. The proposal adopted by the executive authorized “that this be accomplished by establishing a system of organization and numbering for the By-Laws, and that the contents of the initial By-Laws be established by (1) moving subsections from Constitution to the By-Laws, (2) formalizing existing practices into new By-Laws, and (3) adopting new By-Laws to address identified needs.”


By-Laws may be proposed at any regular meeting of the general membership or the Executive Board, and may be amended and adopted at any regular meeting of the Executive Board.  By-Laws will be proposed by any member in good standing. A change in the By-Laws will be enacted by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The change will take effect with the end of the meeting at which it is adopted.”



A.  The Executive Board of the WSTCSS shall consist of the following offices

  1. President
  2. Three Vice Presidents
    1. Eastern Division
    2. Central Division
    3. Western Division
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. State Education Advocate
  6. Conference Coordinator
  7. Communications Coordinator
  8. Professional Development Coordinator
  9. Membership Coordinator
  10. Past President
  11. Any “at large” memebers (at the discretion of the President)

B. Responsibilities of the offices of the Executive Board

  1.  The President shall preside over the Executive Board and, with the aid of the Board, shall fill appointed Board offices and committee chair positions. The President will routinely report to the Council and will authorize the renewal of the affiliation annually with the New York State Council of the Social Studies (NYSCSS). It will be the responsibility of the President or his/her designee to represent the Council in meetings of appropriate committees of the NYSCSS and any other organizations which may further the cause of the social studies.
  2. Each Regional Vice President shall aid the President in communication with WSTCSS members and be responsible for the executive duties in their division. They shall also report to the Executive Board at meetings of this group. Vice Presidents will also be responsible for filling regional appointed Board offices and committee chair positions.
  3. The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the Council and shall make payment from there only by check or via WSTCSS Visa Debit Card in accordance with the approved budget and as authorized by the resolution of the Board. The Treasurer shall keep the account books in the manner as may be prescribed by Board and shall be provided with an up-to-date membership list from the membership chairperson and distribute that list to the President after the fall conference. The books are to be audited annually by the three sub division treasurers and are to be open for inspection to any member of the WSTCSS. All fees and charges for any loss which may result from any action or failure to act on the part of the Treasurer shall be paid by WSTCSS. The Treasurer shall make an annual report at the Business Meeting, showing the receipts and expenditures for the previous year at the last Board meeting of the fiscal year. The Treasurer will also prepare a proposed budget for the subsequent year to be presented at the first Board Meeting of a new fiscal year.
  4. The Secretary shall aid the President in communication with WSTCSS members. He/She will be responsible for recording the minutes of each Board and General Meeting and distributing them to the members of the Board in timely fashion. The Secretary shall also act as the historian and shall be the custodian of all documents and files belonging to the Council and shall provide an updated written inventory to the Board at each fall Board of Directors meeting.
  5. The State Education Advocate will aid the President, Executive Board, and general membership in providing communication between the WSTCSS and the NYSCSS, NY4A, the State Education Department, and other “local” social studies councils. The SEA should plan to attend the annual NYSCSS/NY4A conference each year. It is desirable that the SEA serve in some official position with either the NYSCSS or NY4A.
  6. The Annual Conference Coordinator shall contract with the following: conference facilities, speaker/presenters, vendor/sponsors, hotel accommodations, food service, technology services, and historical exhibitors. In addition the Coordinator will advertise the conference through the website, postcards, mailings and email; assist webmaster for registering participants on the site; write conference catalog; schedule presentations and assign rooms; process purchase orders and checks, channel all funds to the Treasurer; purchase all materials: bags, name tags, and supplies; develop participant lists and prepare names tags; coordinate volunteers; set up signs; oversee events during conference. The oversight of conferences is a multifaceted task requiring the input of fellow board members, the host site, speakers, caterers, hotels, printers, photographers, technology teams, membership director, webmaster, sponsors, historical societies, administrators, news outlets and publicists.
  7. The Technology/Communications Coordinator shall head the Technology/Communications Committee and be responsible for the WSTCSS web presence.
  8. The Professional Development Coordinator shall plan, coordinate, supervise and evaluate teacher training with the goal of maintaining high standards of teaching excellence and improving student performance.
  9. The Membership Coordinator shall head the Membership Committee and be responsible for the actions of this group. The Membership Coordinator shall intend to expand the numbers of members of WSTCSS whenever possible.
  10. The Past-President shall preside over the Executive Board in the absence of the President.
  11. The Executive Board shall meet at least four times per fiscal year.
  12. In sessions in which the Executive Board will be putting items to a vote, a quorum must be present. A quorum is defined as more than half of the members of the Executive Board.
  13. In meetings where a quorum is present, a vote will pass with a simple majority of the Executive Board.

II. Standing Committees<

  1. The Membership Committee shall plan the printing of forms and brochures and the recruitment of new members for WSTCSS. Committee members shall include the Executive Committee Chairperson and the three Divisional Committee Chairs.
  2. The Communications Committee shall meet as necessary to implement new ideas, upgrade and maintain the web presence, outline plans and discuss content of publications for the coming year, oversee the development of technology training, and encourage the membership to continually incorporate technology into the curriculum
  3. The Auditing Committee shall consist of the three Divisional Treasurers (East, Central, and West) and shall examine and report upon the accuracy of the books of the account kept by the Executive Treasurer. The Auditing Committee shall be chaired by on a rotating basis from the three sub divisions treasurers with the East being first, Central second, and West third. The annual report of this committee shall be made at the first Board meeting in conjunction with the treasurers WSTCSS annual report.

Terms of Office

    Prior to a vote to remove an officer, or a chairperson of a standing ad hoc committee, the member must receive written notice of the proposed action and be given an opportunity to respond and/or take corrective action.
    Officers from the Executive Board can be removed by a majority vote of said board.
    Terms will be one year in length.  Officers can renew their term each year.  Terms begin and end in April.

III.  Budgets and Finance


  1.  Elected or appointed officers and committee chairpersons may spend funds allocated to activities for which they are responsible up to the amount specified in the annual budget. Additional funds needed for activities which either exceed the budgeted amount or are not included in the budget must be approved by the Executive Board at one of its four regular meetings.
  2. Any expenditure for a specific purpose exceeding $50 must be approved by three Executive Board Members, two of which are the President and Treasurer.

IV.  Conferences and Programs

Endorsement of Programs

  1. Programs or activities sponsored by another organization, agency, or individual seeking to gain WSTCSS endorsement or sponsorship must make a request in writing. The request must include a description of the program or activity, specify any anticipated cost or liability to WSTCSS, and describe the connection of the program or activity to social studies education and its benefit to WSTCSS.
  2. Consideration of endorsement or sponsorship must be submitted to the Board of Directors, and discussed and voted on at a regular meeting of the Board.


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